Bang’s Latest Signing LORENZO DE GUIA Film for BMW ‘Peak Power’

Bang’s newly signed Filipino-American director, Lorenzo De Guia’s long formPeak Power’ for BMW USA is a two-part documentary which takes viewers behind-the-scenes for an intimate look at the realities of racing. Taking place in Colorado Springs, USA, the invitation-only ‘Race to the Clouds’ witnesses Matt MullinsRhys Millen and team as they embark on a 9-month journey to break the record for the ‘Fastest Hybrid SUV’ with the all-new BMW XM Label

Lorenzo’s background in editing gives him the skills to structure compelling narratives, and the ability to combine realism, empathy and genuine emotion. Relentlessly enthusiastic with a deft touch, Lorenzo has previously worked with stars such as LebronJamesSimoneBilesMarkRonson, and more