Sir Steve McQueen’s Documentary Feature ‘Occupied City’

Amsterdam-based Oscar and BAFTA-winning filmmaker and acclaimed artist Sir Steve McQueen’s documentary feature, ‘Occupied City’, just had its trailer released. McQueen, Smith Tenser and LAMMAS PARK produced the feature, which premiered at Cannes Film Festival, with Dutch partners Family Affair, and A24, Film4 and Regency Enterprises. The film, informed by McQueen’s wife Bianca Stigter’s illustrated history book, ‘Atlas of an Occupied City: Amsterdam 1940-1945’creates two interlocking portraits: a door-to-door excavation of the Nazi occupation that still haunts McQueen’s adopted city of Amsterdam, and a vivid journey through the last years of pandemic and protest.

‘The monumental film which tracks day-to-day life in Amsterdam under Nazi rule asks hard questions of what we think about the gulf between past and present’  

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