RAMY YOUSSEF directs fourth episode in the second season of the Emmy-nominated hit series ‘The Bear’

Caviar’s Ramy Youssef, has directed the fourth episode in the second season of the Emmy-nominated hit series, ‘The Bear, being the first  person to direct an episode of the series besides its creator and co-showrunner. Titled ‘Honeydew’, the episode cuts away from the fast paced drama of the main storyline to focus on one of the show’s other main chefs, Marcus (played by Lionel Boyce), who travels to Denmark to train under a pastry chef (played by guest star, Will Poulter), so he can bring new skills back to their restaurant in Chicago.

Speaking on his experience, Youssef stated that he was given total creative freedom from Chris to direct and ‘… appreciated that trust, as also he [Chris] knew he wanted the episode to feel different from the rest of the show.’

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