ENID is proud to announce that they will be representing the award-winning, French founded production company, OCURENS. Having recently expanded into the UK, their London office is headed by Emmanuelle Le Chat (previously working with Ian Pons Jewell). Ocurens have curated a roster of highly creativeforward thinking individuals. All the work that you are about to view, below, has been 100% crafted by them, from pre-production to post alongside their Post Production/VFX studio, MONUMENTAL.

MONUMENTAL is the Paris-based post-production and VFX studio arm of OCURENS. Their goal is to redefine the interconnection of the two key parts of filmmaking – production and post-production – to unlock a project’s full potential, whilst always maintaining artistic integrity. Through a non-traditional lens, they strive to set innovative and contemporary workflows hand in hand with directors through the latest technologies.