KASRA FARAHANI’s ‘All Hail Loki’ with Samsung x Disney+

Following on from directing an episode in the second season of the hit Disney+ series, Kasra Farahani‘s ‘All Hail Loki’ tracks the presence of the God of Mischief through time, using the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The spot was created in collaboration with MarvelMill Channel, and The Den Editorial.

Currently available on Disney+, season two of ‘Loki’ was entirely production designed by Kasra Farahani, who has also directed an episode. Iranian born Farahani has spent much of his career in the art departments of master filmmakers such as JJ AbramsSteven Spielberg, Michael MannTim BurtonJames Cameron, and David Fincher, having directed several commercial projects since his writing/directing debut short film, ‘Noon’, which was optioned within 24 hours of its release by 20th Century Fox and Chernin Entertainment.

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