Recently, Espadaysantacruz’s Miguel Espada has teamed up with Carvana — an app through which you can buy a car from a large vending machine, and have it dropped at your doorstep — for an innovative way to celebrate a momentous occasion for the company; the sale of one million cars! Miguel Espada, who is also a professor of AI, programmed his own AI algorithms to create a personalised film for each customer, with virtual camera moves across each film, and details about the vehicles and their owners. 50,000 3D car models were created and automatically integrated into AI generated scenarios, using BLENDER cloud rendering. Every customer received an exclusive link to their personalised video. Training the AI audio took 6 hours of voice training. In the end, if you were to watch all of the 1,345,948 unique videos that were generated back-to-back, it would take over five years to finish!

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