FLORENCE KEITH-ROACH features in new series ‘The Great’

The much-anticipated series from Oscar-nominated writer Tony McNamara (‘The Favourite’), ‘The Great’, debuts on Hulu Friday, May 15. Featuring Snapper Films’ Florence Keith-Roach, the satirical comedic drama follows the unlikely rise and spectacular reign of feminist trailblazer Catherine the Great, the longest running female leader in Russian …

CANADA Directs NEW Brand Film for MIU MIU

Lope Serrano of CANADA breathes life into Elle Fanning‘s Miu Miu fantasy world. In Serrano’s film, Fanning plays the role of a movie star: backstage and on-camera, transforming the world around her, twisting words and scenes, and embodying the spirit of Miu Miu. To view more of CANADA‘s work, click here.