RODRIGO SAAVEDRA directs new music video for DJ Snake & Selena Gomez

REKORDER’s award-winning filmmaker, Rodrigo Saavedra, directed the video for Selena Gomez and DJ Snake’s new track ’Selfish Love’. The trippy clip finds SelGo working at a house of mirrors disguised as a beauty salon that will make men think twice before stepping in to get a haircut. ‘Selfish Love’ appears on Gomez’s first-ever Spanish EP Revelación. With a background as an advertising creative, Saavedra has crossed over to directing. His work has been awarded internationally, including at the D&ADThe One Show, and Cannes Lions – Rodrigo won his first Cannes Lion as a director with his piece for Scrabble, which took the internet by storm (Time magazine called it “the perfect love story for word nerds”). 

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