LOPE SERRANO directs new campaign for Louis Vuitton

Lope Serrano of CANADA directed Louis Vuitton‘s Holiday 2020 campaign, featuring the brand ambassador Alicia Vikander. Created by the Paris based agency, Maybe, the short film weaves together brief moments of opening – a door, a suitcase, a gift – so emblematic of the Christmas spirit. Serrano conveys story details in incredibly brief shots, with tight cuts and snappy editing heightening the tender feelings of anticipation and payoff that arise from going to visit loved ones or receiving a personal gift. The film fuses surreal set pieces and a psychedelic pallet with natural, heartfelt depictions of gift giving and togetherness, in a colourful and musical joyousness.

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PRICE JAMES featured in The Face and Shots

“The star of the Scream films was also an improbable wrestling star – too improbable even for wrestling. A new documentary chronicles the actor’s attempts at a comeback in the so-called sport. But does it have the ring of truth?David Arquette is a mess.The actor is tooling around Hollywood, desperate for work. The onetime hotshot star of the Scream franchise has been auditioning for a new role for 10 years without success, he laments, clearly forgetting, or discounting, 10 years’ worth of bit parts in small films or leading parts in bit films.”

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MILES ALDRIDGE directs new campaign for Glenmorangie

New from Octopus Inc.’s roster, celebrated photographer and director, Miles Aldridge, partnered with DDB Paris to create Glenmorangie’s new campaign. Designed to welcome more people to share the simple joy of Glenmorangie’s whisky, the campaign elevates seven everyday experiences into wonderful moments, with its technicolour palette and cinematic style, inviting global audiences to view the world through Glenmorangie’s eyes.

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REKORDER joins ENID London

Berlin based production company, REKORDER, joins ENID London for commercial representation. Founded in 2001 by director Werner Klemm, REKORDER currently spans four offices, including post production facilities, as well as an art gallery in the heart of Berlin, offering the entire production process, with editing suites and grading in-house.  Rekorder recently forged a relationship with CANADA, representing their directors for the German market.

One of REKORDER‘s top directors – Cannes Lion winnerRodrigo Saavedra – came from an advertising background, crossing over to directing in 2013. His award-winning commercial film for Scrabble was called “The perfect love story for word nerds” by Time Magazine, and his short film ‘The Red Stain’, for the Francis Coppola Winery, premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, leading to Saavedra’s subsequent admission into the Directors Guild of America. Saavedra’s quirky visual sense, detail, and intricate transitions attracted clients such as Coca-ColaJeepCadillacDropbox, and Nissan, to name a few.

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REKORDER’s commitment to art extends beyond the world of filmmaking, with an art gallery – REKORDER Galerie – representing and supporting the work of international, contemporary artists.

“It’s a fantastic space for us to have”, says Werner Klemm, “given that we can use it to hold events which bring the creative community together, as well showcase brilliant art. For example we recently held an event called ‘ERROR’, in which we invited some guests to talk about their experiences of failure. So we had people from agencies, but also artists and engineers come to talk about their experiences and what they learned. So it’s great for us to listen and learn, and also great for the community, I hope, to take from it as well”.

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ELLIOTT LESTER directs new campaign for Experience Kissimmee

Elliott Lester’s latest campaign is set nearly 70 years in the future, featuring two characters as they fondly remember the childhood trip they took with their parents to Kissimmee, Florida way back in 2020. While their recollections come to us from the future, they’re based on a timeless truth that no matter how rough things get, everyone wants to create happy memories for their family. Or as the campaign tagline states, “in a year you’d like to forget, give them a vacation they’ll always remember.”

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LOPE SERRANO short film / music for Longchamp

Lope Serrano of CANADA directs the eight-minute short film / music video for Longchamp, launching the French handbag and fashion brand’s entirely new global platform très paris’. Created by the independent boutique network, FRED & FARID, the film is inspired by the iconic ’60s French track ‘Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveille’ (a song by Dutronc, Lanzmann & Segalen, in the voice of the French artist Clara Luciani), and tells the story of two girls who go on an adventure as Paris is waking up (or, as the song says, ‘Paris s’éveille’). The piece stars British actress and model, Amber Anderson, and one of France’s most promising up-and-coming actresses, Mathilde Ollivier.

The narrative and tone of the film evoke a naive, light and fresh spirit. With the characters dressed in fashion from Longchamp’s SS21 collection, a plot twist occurs when the two girls’ matching Longchamp handbags – a style called the ‘Roseau’ – are mistakenly swapped in a club. Filled with hidden layers, and crafted references to the track, the film’s locations, scenes, and characters are poetic interpretations of Dutronc’s lyrics. Serrano even drew a series of custom movie posters and illustrations that appear in the film and movie trailer – the latter of which borrows influences from the 1960s French New Wave film movement. 

FRED & FARID Los Angeles’ creative director, Chelsea Steiger, said: “Lope is one of the most visionary and passionate directors we’ve ever worked with in the agency. He’s setting a high bar for the next Longchamp campaign we’ll produce. The producers, Oscar Romagosa and Solal Micenmacher, and their teams are absolute rockstars, too.”

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LEO ADEF directs new Short Documentary ‘SAFE’

Rekorder‘s Leo Adef has directed a new short documentary, SAFE, that takes a close look at the lives and dreams of the Ballroom community. Ballroom is a safe space for the BIPoC and LGBTQIA+ community, empowering them at every aspect of their lives. Adef is known for capturing the spirit of his subjects in intimate portraits of youth, subculture and self-exploration. His mastery of portraying fearless vulnerability has garnered fierce attention in the fashion world, working for likes of i-DHercules MagazineMTV and Nowness

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CHRIS BOYLE directs new campaign for Born Free Foundation

Following on from his recent pieces for Terry’s Chocolate Orange and FitXRPrivate Island’s Chris Boyle directed a new film for Born Free Foundation, in collaborating with the London agency, ENGINE. Adopting the style and approach of sales advertising and applying it to the natural world in ‘Nature’s Closing Down Sale’, the campaign urges people to adopt an endangered animal while they still can, timed to coincide with Black Friday. In the 60-second film a salesman – played by English actor Harry Peacock – highlights that wild animal populations worldwide have declined by nearly 70% in just 50 years, with the numbers of many much-loved animals such as tigers, elephants, and rhinos dangerously low, and falling still. Archive footage of endangered species in the wild being attacked by and overlaid with bouncing sales graphics is clearly visible behind the salesman as he makes his pitch.

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ROGELIO directs new campaign for SEA Games

ROGELIO’s latest film was made in collaboration with Ogilvy Hong Kong for the 30th Southeast Asian Games, and portrays 4 different sports in the Philippines olympic team. ROGELIO’s roots in the underground have built him as an authentic young voice, and one to watch, in the mainstream. He sharpened his filmmaking skills shooting the most recognised skate crew in Spain and has been growing ever since.

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