LOS PEREZ directs new music video for Selena Gomez

CAVIAR’s directing duo, Los Pérez (aka Tania Verduzco and Adrián Pérez), have directed a new video for Selena Gomez’s recently released Spanish language song, ‘De Una Vez (‘At Once). In the music video, Gomez metaphorically chronicles her creative and personal evolution as she traverses through rooms in a home. From a bedroom fertile with plants and dreams to a room filled with luminous lamps, a kitchen with a stove ablaze and a space where vinyl and instruments become animated, she walks through the mythical house while reflecting on and singing about her growth.

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DOMINIC O’RIORDAN directs new campaign for Autotrader

Curly’s Dominic O’Riordan has teamed up with Karmarama to direct a series of films for Auto Trader’s latest campaign – the brand’s largest integrated campaign to date. The timing of this new campaign capitalises on the brand’s leadership in the automotive category after a year where it was the go-to-destination for a record breaking number of car buyers.

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JIM LONGDEN new short film ‘To Erase A Cloud’

21 year-old director, Jim Longden, has released the trailer for his new film ‘To Erase a Cloud’. Produced by Curly, the film features model and poet Sonny Hall in his acting debut. Grief is the price Johnny Little pays for love, something that tears away at him during the course of the film. Longden collaborated with first-time actor, Sonny Hall, as his tormented lead. This collaboration grew during production and the investment of both of them into telling this story is born out in the end result. 

“From Sonny Hall we get slapstick, explosive anger, and gentle emotional exhaustion wrapped up in a 20 minute glimpse into his acting talent. His performance is genuine and believable, and he throws himself into the character to an extent which reveals his trust in Longden’s direction and story-telling capability. Longden and Hall’s creative styles compliment each other like old friends… …Jim Longden’s short film is proof that being under qualified is not the same as being unqualified, and that you don’t need permission to tell a story. You just have to believe in yourself, in the story, and in your potentiality.”

Jim and Curly are currently in production on Jim’s second short and developing his first feature film.

LAINEY RICHARDSON directs new campaign for Football Beyond Borders

Caviar‘s Lainey Richardson directed a new piece for the Education Charity, Football Beyond Borders (FBB), part of its ‘Beyond Bars’ project. At a time when support for the most vulnerable young people in the UK has been seriously lacking, the ‘Beyond Bars’ campaign brings to life the immense potential young people possess, and how with the right support they can flourish even during such challenging times. The project began with virtual writing workshops, led by professional writers, spoken word artists and creatives, who held sessions on Zoom for more than 60 young people.

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JONAS MCQUIGGIN directs new campaign for Go Ahead

Having picked up 3 x D&AD awards together for their charity Beco campaign earlier in 2020, Hoi Polloi once again joined forces with TBWA to work on the latest films for Go Ahead, this time with director Jonas McQuiggin at the helm. The humorous films poke fun at the extremes of the health fads people take on in January and the lengths people go to in order to be ‘healthy’, in the hope to encourage them to go easy on themselves at a time when we could all benefit from doing so. 

CHRIS BOYLE directs new campaign for YOLT

Following the success of BETC‘s Terry’s Chocolate OrangeUncommon‘s FitXR and Engine‘s Born Free Foundation, Private Island’s Chris Boyle has teamed up with Uncommon again to create the advertising agency’s first campaign for the money saving app, Yolt, centered around innovation and collaboration, to give everyone the power to be smart with their money. 

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JACOPO CINTI directs new campaign for Range Rover

Octopus Inc.’s Jacopo Cinti’s most recent project for Range Rover features Sir Ranulph Fiennes, model turned activist, Adwoa Aboah, and Hollywood actress, Naomie Harris. Whilst Fiennes takes us on a reminiscent journey of his extraordinary life that has given him the moniker of the world’s greatest living explorer, Aboah considers the changing face of fashion and how the industry helped to motivate her commitment to raising awareness around mental health, and Harris speaks about her conscious decision to take on more leading actor roles as she looks to reinvent herself in the same way as Range Rover has done over the past 50 years. The campaign was created by The Times.

JAMIE GYNGELL directs new campaign for Nourish Soup

Hoi Polloi’s Jamie Gyngell spent some muddy days in December visiting Cows in farms near London for his latest commercial film. Created for Nourish Soup by Paul Yull & Adrian Birkinshaw @ BBH London, the campaign celebrates Veganuary – people will love trying Nourish’s delicious range of soups this Veganuary, but for obvious reasons, cows will always love them more.

NICOLÁS MÉNDEZ directs new campaign for Cupra

Nicolás Méndez aka CANADA‘s DC for CUPRA x FC Barcelona campaign stars FC Barcelona and German National Team goalkeeper Marc-André ter Stegen. Shot in Barcelona after the end of the state of alarm, and inspired by a true story, the film is about convictions that help people to overcome adversities along the way, passion and dedication that transcends football, with the slogan: if they don’t understand why, they will.

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CLOÉ BAILLY directs new campaign for Bumble

Caviar’s director, Cloé Bailly has teamed up with The Brooklyn Brothers to create a new campaign for Bumble – the women-first social app. The film,  titled ‘When Dating Met 2020’, features two-time Academy Award nominee and BAFTA winner, Helena Bonham Carter, and details the highs and lows of dating in 2020, championing those who have made an effort to date this year. The 90 second launch film follows one woman’s dating journey in 2020 as she looks back at the hurdles she has faced and overcome. From video dates to socially-distanced walks and the inevitable wee in the park, the film celebrates the awkward and funny situations that have made her stronger. 

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