PENSACOLA at CANADA London’s new film for Volkswagen

Directing trio Pensacola from CANADA London have directed a new commercial for Volkswagen‘s new international campaign ‘Baby Gesture’, with Achtung! in Amsterdam.

The film is to promote the brand’s new ‘Gesture Control’ technology and humorously explores what happens when it is put into the wrong hands – the hands of a toddler.

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Pens_VW still

Pensacola are a directing trio formed by Pau Suris, Pau Dalmases and Pablo Larcuen. They have directed commercial films globally, for brands such as Coca-Cola, Euromillions, ASOS, Ikea, Samsung, BBC Radio, SFR, Ray Ban, Bacardi and GiffGaff, amongst others. Their work has been featured in Campaign magazine, Creativity, Creative Review and AdWeek. Pensacola have received nominations and awards from festivals and associations such as D&AD and Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and have also been invited to speak in leading industry forums like NSFF.

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MANSON’s new film for Tommy Hilfiger’s ‘x GiGi Hadid’ collection

Manson have directed a new video for Tommy Hilfiger‘Tommy’s Rollersquad’, shot on the streets of Venice, LA. It was commissioned directly by Tommy Hilfiger to promote the brand’s ‘x GiGi Hadid’ collection, which itself launched with a runway show at music festival-inspired ‘Tommyland’, on Venice Beach last month.

The film was directed using a mixture of digital, super 8 and 16mm film formats, and it is live on the Tommy Hilfiger website with an image-recognition app, where any of the fashion wears can be clicked on and instantly purchased online. With a reference to pop culture, the video gives a taster of ‘Tommyland’, a theme park and fashion festival set up by Tommy Hilfiger, to celebrate the brand’s recent move to LA.

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Manson are a Barcelona-based directing collective/studio who work across different media, including animation and live action, and, ‘knowing no boundaries’, they explore the aesthetics and narratives of contemporary urban culture. Manson have worked with various agencies and clients in recent years, and their collaboration with Google Play and California Sunday magazine earned them a Vimeo Staff Pick.

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NEW animation from NOMINT with Google Creative Lab

Working closely with Google Creative Lab in London, NOMINT’s NOM NOM NOM, have recently created a series of videos and GIFs for the launch of ‘Sideways Dictionary‘, a new online project by Jigsaw and The Washington Post.

NOM NOM NOM have used animation to divulge Sideways Dictionary’s motivations and how to use it. The platform was created to share, often witty, analogies that help explain complex technology terms.

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NOM-NOM-NOM-SidewaysNOM NOM NOM is the backbone of all NOMINT productions. It is a highly adaptive and collaborative in-house studio, which has led to collaborations with brands such as Google, Coca-Cola, Cadbury and Panasonic. NOM NOM NOM has been repeatedly awarded for its creativity, namely two gold iF Design awards, two Golden European design awards and an ADC Young Guns award.

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NEW ‘Balls of Deviance’ spot by NOM NOM NOM

NOMINT are proud to present NOM NOM NOM (formerly NOMINT Studio)’s new short film ‘Balls of Deviance‘, as part of their re-brand launch.

In the film, we see what could happen should golf balls take over the world. “Everyone has been telling us that golf balls are so ‘perfect and complete’.” says NOM NOM NOM’s creative director Christos Lefakis “But what happens when they acquire sentience, or reason of their own? Would things be the same or would they change for ever? Probably the second.”

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Nom Nom Nom

NOM NOM NOM is the backbone of all NOMINT productions. NOM NOM NOM is a highly adaptive and collaborative studio which has led to wonderful collaborations for brands such as Google, Coca Cola, Cadbury and Panasonic. NOM NOM NOM has been repeatedly awarded for it’s creativity, most notably with two gold iF design awards, two Golden European Design awards and an ADC Young Guns award.

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CANADA London’s ROGER GUARDIA’s new music spot ‘Irrational Friend’

Director Roger Guardia recently directed his third film with Barcelona’s teenage band Mourn. With a black-and-white and colour visual treatment, Guàrdia translates Irrational Friend‘s sharp chords and loud words into a series of performance and tricks, where the motion of the video never stops.

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NOMINT’s DARIO IMBROGNO’s latest spots for ‘Hogan’

Director and animator Dario Imbrogno, has directed two new spots for the Italian shoe and handbag brand, Hogan.

Imbrogno uses stop-motion magic and visual trickery to showcase the brand’s shoe, by bringing the design process to life. Dario is known to experiment with many styles of animation to create a variety of different films, for the likes of Hogan, Ossa, My Coccinelle, Fendi and Otto, amongst others.

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New Talent Showcase on Pitch

Thibaut Grevet, Hill & Aubrey, Ugo Gattoni, and Rami Niemi all feature on Pitch‘s bi-monthly publication of New Talent Showcase.




French director Thibaut Grevet’s diverse films includes Epecuen and Coste Contemplation. The former, is a haunting impressionistic take on the titular Argentine town that was flooded in 1985 and has since re-emerged. The latter, is a kinetic portrait of his friend and fellow motorcyclist, Dimitri Coste, seen through the eyes of his young children.

Check out his work HERE


HILL & AUBREY @ ParkVillage


James Hill and Tim Aubrey are photographers and filmmakers. They have shot for Re-Edition, GQ Style, Dazed, 10, 10 Men, Man About Town and Document Journal. They are currently shooting a story for Re-Edition’s new menswear magazine, Replica, and working on personal projects on coastal towns and youth institutions across the country.

Check out their work HERE




Animation director, Ugo Gattoni’s sprawling illustrations of fantasy cityscapes led to an exciting collaboration with vintage French fashion brand Hermès – he designed four scarves for them over four years – as well as projects for Ruinart Champagne and Pierre Frey.

Check out his work HERE




Half-Finnish Illustrator / writer / director Rami Niemi has created clever and naughty visual work for the likes of Google, Nike, The New York Times, Wired, Tropicana and Espn.

Check out his work HERE


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DARREN ARONOFSKY’s new feature

Award-winning director Darren Aronofsky has finished shooting his new feature film, ‘Mother’, with a star-studded cast including Jennifer LawrenceJavier BardemMichelle PfeifferDomhnall Gleeson and Ed Harris.  The film was written and directed by Aronofsky and is set to release next year.  Darren is back available to direct commercials, having had his most recent collaboration with Grey London.

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