KEITH SCHOFIELD directs new music video for Duck Sauce

Duck Sauce released their latest video – director Keith Schofield tweeted; “Covid kept delaying our shoot so Duck Sauce is releasing the animatic as the official video.” Bringing together watermarked stock photos of a Duck Sauce club set, and primitive CGI animation, the visual immediately jumps straight into a  bizarre world, With animated cameos from the likes of Bruce WillisDaniel Craig, and Morgan Freeman, the video delves deep into the transcendental exploration of the human rectum as a portal to a trans-dimensional multi-verse that is controlled by an infinite array of potential “gamers” within their own simulation.

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CHRIS BOYLE directs new campaign for FitXR Sport

Director Chris Boyle’s latest project is a campaign to launch a new, virtual reality, gamified workout system called FitXR. Created by Uncommon Creative Studios, and produced and edited by Private Island, the campaign brought the virtual reality-based workout programme to life in a high-octane ad set to a banging heavy metal track, which parodies the earnest approach to exercise, and exposes the insanity of the unpleasant, extreme workouts that people submit themselves to on a daily basis..‘thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with Uncommon on the creative to create this bonkers visual world.’ – Chris Boyle.

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DARREN ARONOFSKY’s 20th Anniversary of ‘Requiem For a Dream’

Oscar-nominatedDarren Aronofsky’s iconic ‘Requiem for a Dream’, is marking its 20th anniversary with a celebratory 4K Ultra HD release. Based on the novel by Hubert Selby Jr., and adapted by Aronofsky and Selby Jr., it is a hypnotic film about four people pursuing their visions of happiness. The film stars Oscar winners Ellen BurstynJared Leto, and Jennifer Connelly, as well as Marlon Wayans

Aronofsky has received acclaim for his often surreal, and at times, unsettling aesthetic. His feature debut, ‘Pi’ (1997), won him the Directing Award at Sundance Film Festival and an Independent Spirit Award for Best First Screenplay. Aronofsky’s fourth film, The Wrestler’ (2008), was released to critical acclaim and both of the film’s stars, Mickey Rourke and Marisa Tomei, received Academy Award nominations‘Black Swan’(2010) followed, receiving further critical acclaim and many accolades, being nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director

In advertising, Darren Aronofsky has directed commercials for clients that include Hugo BossThe Montana Meth ProjectThe New York Times (‘The Truth Is Hard To Find’ campaign won 5 Gold Lions at Cannes 2017). More recently, Darren directed a documentary for National Geographic – ‘One Strange Rock’ – starring Will Smith.

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Chromista signs BLITZ BAZAWULE

Ghana born filmmakermusician and visual artist,Blitz Bazawule, has signed to Chromista for commercial representation.  Blitz’s feature directorial debut ‘The Burial Of Kojo’ was acquired by Netflix, and was hailed as “A spellbinding experience” by the Los Angeles Times, and “A striking feature filmmaking debut” by The Hollywood Reporter. Bazawule was a contributing director on Beyoncé’s visual album‘Black Is King’ based on the album ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ on Disney+. As a composer and musician, Blitz has released 4 studio albums: ‘Stereotype’ (2009), ‘Native Sun’ (2011), ‘Afropolitan Dreams’ (2014) and ‘Diasporadical’ (2016). As a visual artist, Blitz’s work was featured in the 2019 Whitney Biennial. Blitz is a Senior TED Fellow and a Guggenheim 2020 Fellow.

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JAKE SZYMANSKI new Mockumentary ‘John Bronco’

Caviar’s Jake Szymanski has directed a new mockumentary,‘John Bronco’,about the greatest pitchman the Ford Moto Company had ever hired, who went through the various highs and lows and eventually vanished. The short film was written by Marc Gilbar, and is an out-and-out Walton Goggins show who both chews up the scenery and delivers subtle emotional beats like it’s a walk in the park.

Szymanski was scooped up by Will FerrellAdam McKay and Chris Henchy to be their in-house director for ‘’. Over the years, he produced, wrote and directed hundreds of clips for FOD in the past 2 years, including some of their biggest hits like ‘Paris Hilton Responds to McCain,’‘Ron Howard’s Call to Action,’‘Heidi Montag Says No to Plastic’ and ‘Zac Effron’s Pool Party’.Jake has also starred in his own videos, including ‘High Five Montage’ and ‘High Five Hollywood, bringing millions of viewers to the site. He has directed several high profile television commercials, collaborating with Will Ferrell on hilarious campaigns for Milwaukee’s Best and Dodge.

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CLOÉ BAILLY directs new campaign for Burger King

Cloé Bailly’s new commercial film for Burger King aims to show a reality in one of the brand’s restaurants: the time it would take for a customers to devour a Whopper without preservatives. The average intake time did not exceed 10 minutes. In a world where consumers increasingly demand more natural and sustainable products, Burger King does doing its bit by launching its famous Whopper without preservatives or artificial colours.

Caviar’s French director and screenwriter, Cloé Bailly, started to gain a lot of attention shortly after graduating from La Sorbonne, from her witty, funny and stylish films. Her very recognisable comedy style, captures real-life moments with authenticity yet with a sense of irony and absurdity. Cloé has directed films for an array of international clients, and in 2017 won Gold at Cannes YDA. Cloé is currently developing her first feature – an adaptation of Zep’s comic-strip, ‘Happy Sex’.

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PENSACOLA directs new campaign for Lurpak

Pensacola directs Lurpak‘s, latest campaign in collaboration with Wieden+Kennedy London and Tag Europe. Titled ‘Spread, Stuff, Slap’, the new campaign is not just about the joy of Lurpak sliding across a crunchy slice of sourdough, but a celebration of the infinite possibilities a sandwich promises.

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PRICE JAMES directs documentary ‘You Cannot Kill David Arquette’

“I seriously cannot recommend the documentary enough. I think it might be my favourite movie ever.” 
“(…) it is one of the most jaw-dropping films I have ever seen.”

Hadley Freeman, The Guardian

Having premiered in the US on the 21st of August,Price James’ new, raw and mind-bending meta-documentary, ‘You Cannot Kill David Arquette’, is set to have its UK release date announced this month. While gazing at the bizarre spectacle that unravels, one cannot help but will Arquette on and be carried away in this surreal journey of redemption through wrestling. Battling his own demons and professional wrestlers in an attempt to reignite his once promising Hollywood career. 

Price injects his own brand of surreal comedy and action movie dynamism into the film. Price’s career directing music videos, and his background as a musician are ever present in the many montages throughout the movie – he even wrote and produced the main music for the trailer. Approaching it like a work of fiction, Price makes it feel unlike any documentary you’ve seen before, resulting in a heady blend of realism and hyperreality.

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JASON HARPER directs new campaign for Bud Light 

Aired during NFLJason Harper‘s new Bud Light campaign, produced by Hound, tells the stories of Black-owned restaurants in five different cities. The aim was to create space for a different story, highlighting the history, craft and heart of these businesses and their communities, whilst providing them publicity during a critical time. Director and cinematographer, Harper was honoured as part of Adweek’s Creative 100 last year, and is part of Change The Lens, a recent pledge launched by the Black Filmmakers Collective to increase representation of black workers across film and advertising production. 

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MAXIM KELLY directs new music video for DJANGO

Caviar’s Filmmaker and Photographer, Maxim Kelly, returned to an animation technique over a hundred years old to create the video, which uses fantascopes – discs that spin on a turntable to create gif-like moving images. The video features six of these fantascopes, all made by hand but combined with digital techniques. According to Kelly, the images are an attempt to “translate the psychedelic trip”“The visual illusion generated by spinning the disks at the correct speed coupled with the shutter of a camera is both confusing and hypnotic, he explains. “I was drawn to how the animations flow in and out, drifting and duping the mind and then back again. This felt a lot like the psychedelic experience to me. The challenge was to fuse the old with the modern. The analogue and the digital.”

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