JIM LONGDEN new short film ‘To Erase A Cloud’

21 year-old director, Jim Longden, has released the trailer for his new film ‘To Erase a Cloud’. Produced by Curly, the film features model and poet Sonny Hall in his acting debut. Grief is the price Johnny Little pays for love, something that tears away at him during the course of the film. Longden collaborated with first-time actor, Sonny Hall, as his tormented lead. This collaboration grew during production and the investment of both of them into telling this story is born out in the end result. 

“From Sonny Hall we get slapstick, explosive anger, and gentle emotional exhaustion wrapped up in a 20 minute glimpse into his acting talent. His performance is genuine and believable, and he throws himself into the character to an extent which reveals his trust in Longden’s direction and story-telling capability. Longden and Hall’s creative styles compliment each other like old friends… …Jim Longden’s short film is proof that being under qualified is not the same as being unqualified, and that you don’t need permission to tell a story. You just have to believe in yourself, in the story, and in your potentiality.”

Jim and Curly are currently in production on Jim’s second short and developing his first feature film.