HENRY SCHOLFIELD 1.4 Interview ‘King of the moment’

“Watching 1.4’s Showcase Icon winner golden boy Henry Scholfield’s work is a bit like being taken by the hand and pulled through the looking glass. The self-taught director and ‘dance nut’, who started out making music videos for local grime artists, likes his camera to be an active observer – it’s spun around with Stormzy and Stromae and dived into the action with Dua Lipa – and he chooses choreographers with the same care as a sommelier selecting a fine vintage. Add a mastery of speedy turnarounds into the mix and it’s no wonder world-class artists keep coming back to work with him. His latest promo, for Dua Lipa’s lockdown anthem Break My Heart, is a typically tricks-y mash-up of seamless VFX, stunts and camera transitions. 1.4 found out more…”

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