CLOÉ BAILLY directs new campaign for Burger King

Cloé Bailly’s new commercial film for Burger King aims to show a reality in one of the brand’s restaurants: the time it would take for a customers to devour a Whopper without preservatives. The average intake time did not exceed 10 minutes. In a world where consumers increasingly demand more natural and sustainable products, Burger King does doing its bit by launching its famous Whopper without preservatives or artificial colours.

Caviar’s French director and screenwriter, Cloé Bailly, started to gain a lot of attention shortly after graduating from La Sorbonne, from her witty, funny and stylish films. Her very recognisable comedy style, captures real-life moments with authenticity yet with a sense of irony and absurdity. Cloé has directed films for an array of international clients, and in 2017 won Gold at Cannes YDA. Cloé is currently developing her first feature – an adaptation of Zep’s comic-strip, ‘Happy Sex’.

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