PRIVATE ISLAND Collaborates with Wieden + Kennedy and Gillian Wearing

London based production company, Private Island, were invited by Wieden + Kennedy London to collaborate with Turner Prize-winning British artist Gillian Wearing on a new piece, as part of the Cincinnati Art Museum exhibition “Life: Gillian Wearing”. The five-minute film deploys face-swapping Artificial Intelligence technology, creating a new extension of the artist’s work, in which a series of strangers appear on screen with Wearing’s face. The main concept came out of a conversation with Cincinnati Art Museum curator, Nathaniel Stein, on how she might engage a public that do not know who she is, inspiring the artist to create a piece of work that was an ad of herself.

Wearing is known for being a part of her own creations, using lip-syncing, masks, and more. The Cincinnati Art Museum describes her current exhibition, a series of video installations and photography, as charting new territory in Wearing’s “identity, self-revelation and contemporary media culture, exploring tensions between public and private life, the drive to tell our own secrets and know the secrets of others, and the blurry line between documentation and a constructed point of view.”  Wearing’s work can be found at The Museum of Modern Art in New York, the Tate Gallery in London, and L.A.’s Hammer Museum.

Recently, Private Island have collaborated with Wieden + Kennedy London on another AI based project, to launch Ingress Prime, the latest version of the global augmented reality (AR) mobile game from Niantic, in a film directed by Chris Boyle.

To view more of Private Island’s and Chris Boyle’s work, click here.