JAMIE GYNGELL wins Homespun Yarns 2019

Hoi Polloi’s Jamie Gyngell has won this year’s Homespun Yarns short film competition with his film 4×6, after a screening night at the Ministry of Sound in London. ‘4×6′ is the story of graphic artist, Tessa, who finds a mysterious photo of an unknown couple amongst her latest batch of prints, her curiosity unleashes a sinister force beyond her control. It is the first horror film Yarns have ever commissioned and earned some very favourable comments from the judges;

“Wow this is one of the best shorts I’ve ever seen. Mesmeric and uncomfortable and perfectly controlled – everything in its right place. From performances to framing to score – really great work. You feel like as soon as it ends you want to go right back and re watch, which is a neat trick to pull off.” (Tom Tagholm, Director)
“This story had me hooked from the very beginning. The unnerving music, mixed with the creepy guy snooping on the hero’s photos – you knew something was coming. I also loved it was shot on film – the cinematic look and feel really chimed with the theme of the story. The VFX of the photo coming to life was fantastic and completely unexpected”. (Anna Arnell, Creative Partner at And Rising)
Gyngell is a breakthrough director who has shot water exploding through a ceiling on high speed cameras, marshalled all the Guardian’s chefs in one day, and re-created the Paris riots on vintage 16mm film for BBH and Clarkes. Hoi Polloi are an award-winning production company known for fostering and supporting young talent, as well as for their untraditional, generous and collaborative approach to production, having helped deliver numerous projects across TVSocialLive StreamingDigital Posters, and Web Series.

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